The Second Statement on the results of long-term monitoring of election campaigns at the local, regional and State Duma elections set for December 4, 2011. The Registration and Nomination Stages.

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GOLOS Association conducts independent long-term monitoring of the electoral process. The monitoring is performed by 48 specially trained long-term observers, correspondents of Grazhdanskiy Golos newspaper, and activists of the Association. GOLOS obtains information from mass media, expert interviews with representatives of political parties, NPO leaders, members of election commissions, as well as from citizens who report violations in the course of campaigns – both to GOLOS representatives in person and through the ‘Map of violations at elections’, a joint project of GOLOS Association and Internet periodical Gazeta.Ru.

In its monitoring efforts, the Association concentrates primarily on the following aspects of the electoral process:

  1. observation of the citizens’ voting rights and electoral procedures;
  1. the election commissions’ activities;
  1. use of the administrative resource in election campaigns;
  1. ensuring equal opportunities for campaigning to the candidates and political parties;
  1. compliance with the procedures for voting, vote count, and announcement of the results.

The present statement is the second in a series of statements on the course of the election campaign. It covers the period from August 30, 2011 through October 25, 2011.

During the campaign GOLOS will publish three statement on the results of its monitoring of the campaigning (the first statement on November 2, the second statement on November 30, 2011) and of the election day (the third statement on December 5, 2011).

GOLOS Association will also issue an analytical report on the elections, in which it will sum up and analyze all available documents and materials. Special attention will be paid to violations of the principles of free and democratic elections at all stages of the election campaign. GOLOS reports on the results of previous elections can be read at

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