Announcement: On the 2nd of March in the Independent Press Center (Moscow) “GOLOS” Association will organize a 24-hour Informational Center “The Voice of Elections”

18 февраля 2008 г.

WHAT: 24-hour Independent Informational Center “The Voice of Elections”, organized by “GOLOS” Association

WHEN: 2nd of March, 11 am

WHERE: Independent Press Center (Moscow), Prechistenka str. 17/9, r. 44

Participants and guests of the Informational center will be able to:

-  receive latest results of the Election Day voting procedure analysis;
-  follow the broadcast of the messages from free federal hot-line “Transparent Elections” (8–800-333–33–50) received on the Election Day;
-  be present during live reports from the polling stations;
-  hear comments of “GOLOS” representatives, election law experts, public opinion leaders and human rights activists;

All media representatives, NGO and political parties’ press-secretaries wishing to participate in the Informational Center must receive accreditation from “GOLOS” Press Office before Feb. 29, 2008. For accreditation, please contact Marina Dashenkova:
Tel.: (495) 917–90–91, 917–84–99, +7–916-886–18–07 (11 am – 6 pm), Mon.-Fr.


The complete program of the Informational Center will be available on “GOLOS” web-site on Thursday, Feb. 28.