Election Day Statistics, St. Petersburg

02 марта 2008 г.

Opening of polling stations

«GOLOS» Observers were able to register as media representatives at the 80% of the polling stations (PS);

Presence of the candidates’ observers at the polling stations during opening procedure:

Candidate Bogdanov — present at the 5% of the PS;

Candidate Zhirinovsky — 20% of the PS;

Candidate Zyuganov — 10% of the PS;

Candidate Medvedev — 70% of the St. Petersburg PS;

On the 80% of the PS Election Commission Chairman displayed empty ballot boxes before opening;

On the 90% of the PS the opening procedure has been fulfilled correctly;

On 65% of the PS the data has been entered into the enlarged Protocol form;

On 5% of the PS observers filed complaints;

100% of observed polling stations were opened at 8:00 am.