E-Day Statistics Moscow

04 марта 2008 г.

Opening of polling stations and beginning of voting

Percentage of Moscow polling stations (PS) covered by the observers of each Presidential candidate:

A.Bogdanov — 7.2%

V.Zhyrinovsky – 17.3%

G.Zyuganov – 46.8%

D.Medvedev – 67.9%

Empty ballot boxes (stationery as well as mobile) have been displayed by the Commisson Chairman before the opening of the polling stations on 94.2% of Moscow polling stations.

The opening procedure has been fulfilled correctly on 98.6% of PS.

The data has been entered into the enlarged form of the protocol on 73.4% of PS.

Present observers have filed official complaints – on 2.9% of the PS.

The polling station has been opened at 8:00 am — 98.6% of the PS.

“GOLOS” (www.golos.org) is an independent Russian civic organization founded in 2000 to defend voters’ rights and contribute to the development of the civic society in Russia. “GOLOS” has a largest and most geographically widespread election monitoring network in the country (it unites 281 NGO and has offices in 38 regions). “GOLOS” has monitored more than 50 elections (from municipal to regional), including 3 federal campaigns, and trained over 15 000 independent observers all over the country. “GOLOS” issues statements covering the results of its election observation, including messages from its hot-line “Transparent Elections” (http://88003333350.ru), and gives its assessment to the various stages of the electoral process in Russia using international standards of Free and Fair elections and Russian Election Law.