Possible preparations for falsifications in Irkutsk Region

12 октября 2008 г.

Moscow, October 12, 2008

Possible Preparations for Falsifications in Irkutsk Region

GOLOS regional office in Irkutsk received information about possible preparations for falsifications in the region in the form of a letter from Temporary Electoral Commission Chairman Victor Ignatenko to the Chairman of Central Electoral Commission Vladimir Churov (letter’s fragment is available at: http://www.aldana.ru/mnenia.php?more=1&page=2274).

GOLOS Association notes that the letter is in no way confidential and all Temporary Electoral Commission members were informed about its contents.

The letter contains unprecedented information on the case of administrative pressure put on Constituency and Territorial Electoral Commissions members. In particular, Mr. Ignatenko notified Mr. Churov that commissioners were pressured by authorities to falsify Acts on spoilt ballots or their insufficient number, while transferring the actual ballots to certain “authorized persons”. Mr. Ignatenko also noted that analysis of the overall situation points out toward organized preparations for falsifying election results or discrediting electoral commissions though manipulations with voting ballots. In addition, according to Chairman of Temporary Election Commission, Head of Irkutsk Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs A.A. Antonov send him a letter urging to use commissioners as 24-hour guards for the voting ballots, which contradicts part 16 article 20 of the Federal Law on “Main guarantees of electoral rights and right to participate in referendum of the Russian Federation citizens” and part 27 article 10 of the Russian law “On militia”, since the ballots ought to be protected by the law enforcing authorities.

As of October 1, 2008, in Irkutsk region was registered shortage of 1250 ballots, in addition 1541 ballots were lost in Constituency No. 18.

GOLOS Association continues to monitor situation in the regions where elections are called on October 12, 2008, and post findings on its web-site, www.golos.org. Messages from the Hot-line are published online at: www.88003333350.ru

Press service, GOLOS Association