Winny the Pooh Runs for Office

25 сентября 2011 г.

We continue to draw cartoons about the difficult elections in the forest. In this episode, Winnie the Pooh goes to Piglet for an owl costume. Watch and share.

Analysis of the video

Voter, be vigilant! Look under the mask.
The protagonists of this cartoon about the “election in the forest” are the cunning Winnie the Pooh and the naive Piglet. The carefree Winnie is singing about “our crystal clear elections” and about how “he’s going to vote for the first time”. It seems the election is new to Winnie. At Piglet’s home, the witty Pooh acquired an owl mask, just in case he may need it in the election. If the electoral commission doesn’t notice him, then voters are left with two choices. They can carefully observe those who they elect, or they can vote for someone wearing a mask. It is necessary to go to the polls, because if people choose to be silent and sit in the bushes, voters will support the false masks.
The morale is, even though we don’t live in the woods and aren’t animals, we must keep our ears open and look underneath the owl’s mask. The amount and variety of tricks in use in our elections is sickening. The animation is also somewhat its own language, and the actions speak just as the characters’ words do.