Press-release # 3 Election Day in Russian regions

13 марта 2010 г.

GOLOS Association states that no large scale violations were reported during opening of the polling stations. In general, the polling stations were opened on time and according to the procedure.

Press-release # 3 Election Day in Russian regions
GOLOS Association states that no large scale violations were reported during opening of the polling stations. In general, the polling stations were opened on time and according to the procedure.

The level of pubic monitoring has decreased compared to October elections and is dependent on the level of political competition in every region. Thus, in Krasnodar monitoring was done for the most part by representatives of two candidates : E. Lazarevich and I. Chuev, and thus around a half of polling stations were covered by observers. In Ryazan’ approximately 70% of the city polling stations were covered by CPRF observers and more than 90% of the stations — by United Russia and LDPR observers. In Sochi the most of the observers were coming from United Russia (around 70% of PEC), and from CPRF ( 60%). In Novosibirsk United Russia and CPRF had approximately equal number of their representatives (covering slightly more than 70% of the PEC). In Altay Republic most of the observers were representing United Russia and CPRF at the polling stations (more than 80% of the PEC), observers from Just Russia came second ( 69% of PEC). In Novorossiysk and Voronezh considerable number of the observers could be deployed only by the United Russia. As for Tula, the city became an exception, as all the parties – participants of the elections – have managed to send considerable number of observers to the polling stations (United Russia and Just Russia – almost 90% of PEC, LDPR – not more than 80% of PEC, Yabloko – more than 79% of PEC, and CPRF – more than 65% of PEC).

GOLOS Association states that typical violations: voting lists not stitched together, incomplete information on the candidates at the polling stations, improper keeping of the register of voters that vote at home, violation of the remote voting procedure were noted in all the regions, where GOLOS was conducting monitoring.

At the moment the biggest number of violations has been reported by GOLOS’ representatives in Yekaterinburg, namely bussing of voters, massive voting with the absentee ballots, including at the polling stations opened in shopping malls.

In Sochi GOLOS’ representatives were concerned with the high percentage of early voting.

Representatives of Grazhdanskiy Golos (GOLOS Association’s newspaper) in Novosibirsk informed GOLOS about pressure on their correspondents. Besides, GOLOS noted cases of refusals by members of electoral commissions to register complaints, violation of remote voting procedures, as well as the cases of distribution of the materials of “Siberia” Company, which has its representative as one of the candidates. Curious case was reported at PEC 1505 where during the counting of ballots, one of the persons present (he refused to introduce himself to GOLOS’ correspondents) closed the PEC’s door and announced that the commission will keep counting ballots “till United Russia wins”. Preliminary results demonstrate that CPRF and United Russia have been leading in the region.

GOLOS’ representatives in Omsk reported cases of non-admission of Grazhdanskiy Golos correspondents to polling stations in the city and noted that in some PEC separate rooms were provided to mass media, from where it was impossible to observe the work of the commissions. In addition, correspondents registered several cases of illegal ballot stuffing.

GOLOS Association expresses concern about the messages from Tula where, according to the reports by political parties’ observers and GOLOS’ representatives, members of electoral commissions eliminated Yabloko and Just Russia observers during counting of ballots and then provided them with the unduly certified protocols.

GOLOS’ representatives in Astarkhan reported many violations during establishing results of the elections, namely, considerable delays and violations of counting procedure, refusal to give out copies of final protocols. Nevertheless, it was easy for Grazhdanskiy Golos correspondents to obtain access for monitoring in TEC, where they have not reported any considerable deficiencies in TEC’s work.

On March 14th, 2010, more than 700 representatives of GOLOS association conducted public monitoring of voting, counting procedures at polling stations and vote tabulation in the higher-level electoral commissions during elections in Altay Republic, Vladimir, Voronezh, Kurgan, Ryazan’, Sverdlovsk areas, and also in Astrakhan, Vladimir, Ekaterinburg, Ivanovo, Irkutsk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Sochi, Tula, Chelyabinsk.

Hotline of GOLOS 8 800 333–33–50 continues operating. The messages are being published at Data on voting are also posted on Live Journal of GOLOS Association at

On March 15th, at 2 pm GOLOS will hold final press conference in Independent Press- center (Moscow, 17/9 Prechistenka str.). Additional information can be received from Central Office representative Tetyana Bohdanova: tel. (495) 234–59–39, E-mail: