Center for the People’s Control of Elections in Primorye.

29 сентября 2011 г.

In preparation for the upcoming election, a conference is being held in Vladivostok on the topic of “Discussing electoral issues and the development of common strategies of the coalition.” The conference is being hosted by the Center for the People’s Control of Elections.

Participating are representatives from the regional branches of political parties, NGOs (including GOLOS), and universities.
After the opening event, head of GOLOS-Siberia, Natalia Shcherbakova poised questions on the topics of creating a GOLOS branch in Primorskii Krai to collect information on voting rights violations, the preparation of joint-statements on voting irregularities, cooperation with electoral commissions during cases of administrative pressure on GOLOS’ correspondents, and the introduction of other services offered by GOLOS, such as GOLOS’ Hotline for reporting violations, training observers, and the planting of GOLOS correspondents in different parties’ campaigns as external observers/advisors.

Other speakers at the conference agreed with the need for hotlines and that sharing information with the authorities and political parties was imperative.

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