Large scale illegal “election census” in Ivanovo. Commentary by GOLOS.

30 сентября 2011 г.

A breach in electoral law has been reported in Ivanovo.

The initial report, posted here detailed how people who were allegedly city employees or officials from the REC or CEC (Regional and Central Election Commission, respectively) were going house to house to update voter lists. The questions they asked however were intrusive into citizens’ voting behavior, such as their voting activity, and even for whom they would vote for.
GOLOS released statements that these actions were unlawful, RECs cannot be formed until thirty days before the election, and the voter list is only given to REC twenty days before the election.
At that time, door to door rounds are allowed to be carried out to update the list, but the only requirements for being registered onto the list are presenting official documentation. Questions pertaining to voting behavior are illegal by electoral law, and the motivation for such questions can be attributed to voter fraud. Knowing whether people are planning to vote makes it easier to cast their votes in their place if they plan on abstaining.

The full article can be found here in Russian.