2011 Election

03 декабря 2011 г.

December 4th, 2011 State Duma Deputy Elections, and regional and local level elections.

The Public Monitoring Program by GOLOS.

On September 1st GOLOS launched its long-term monitoring program with its expert groups in Moscow and observers in 48 regions in Russia. This program includes the following initiatives:

-A specially created media group is currently monitoring mass media outlets.

-During the long-term monitoring period, GOLOS will release two statements evaluating the progress of the campaign during party registration and campaigning.

-At the federal and regional levels, GOLOS will initiate the program “Center for the People’s Control of Elections 2011–12.”

-Jointly launched the “Map of Electoral Violations” project with Gazeta.ru.

-Launched the 8-800–33–333–50 Hotline (SMS number 8-925–00–333–50) to receive reports of violations.

-Issued new handbook for observers. Download

-Issues a new mascot for observers. Download

-Launched new online courses for observers and commission members to learn from remotely.

-Working to make sure editors of print and digital media are not neglecting to report in an unbiased and legal fashion.

-On Election Day, December 4th, short-term monitoring will be conducted by more than 2,500 correspondents, who will inspect polling stations to guarantee that statutory procedures are observed.

-On December 5th, GOLOS will release a public state on the findings of the observations, and will also result an analytical report later.

While overseeing the electoral process, GOLOS determined the following are key aspects that require attention:
1. The observance of voting rights, and electoral procedures.
2. The activities of electoral commissions.
3. The use of administrative resources in election campaigns.
4. The observance of equal opportunities in election campaigns of candidates and parties.
5. The observance of the legal procedures of voting, ballot counting, the announcements of election results.

Interesting Facts about the 2011 Duma Elections

General Information

-For the first time, the State Duma will be elected for five years (in prior elections the term was four years long).

-It is the second and last time parties will need to overcome the 7% of voter support barrier for representation in the Duma.

-According to the Ministry of Justice, seven parties qualify as “parliamentary parties”.

-All 450 deputies will be elected via proportional representation.

Registration List of Candidates

-Parties must submit their candidate lists without conditions.

-Non-parliamentary parties must obtain at least 150,000 signatures from voters.

-The number of invalid signatures cannot exceed 5%.

-The law provides fourteen points by which a signature can be disqualified. The signature may be deemed to be inaccurate or invalidated by the expert, and does not require justification.

-Party lists are composed of central and regional groups.

-The central party group cannot consist of more than ten candidates.

-The regional group cannot consist of less than seventy candidates.
Election Funds

-Election funds are allocated to parties and their regional offices as well, and the maximum size of the entire fund is 3.4 billion rubles.

Distribution of Votes

Parties who cross the 7% threshold receive seats in proportion to the percentage of seats they received. Parties with 6–7% receive two seats, and 5–6% receive one seat.

Calendar of Important Dates

Appointment of Election Date August 29th
Nomination of candidates September 9th-29th
Applying for party registration September 19th-October 19th
Registration of candidate lists within ten days of applying for party registration
Beginning of campaigning the day nominees are announced
End of campaigning 12:00am December 3rd
|Development of polling stations
by October 15th
Publication of lists of sites October 20th
|Beginning of media campaigns
November 5th
Compilation of lists of voters by TECs November 13th
Transfer of lists of voter to PECs November 14th
Citizens can see the lists from November 14th
Acquirement of absentee ballots by TECs October 20th-November
|Acquirement of absentee ballots by PECs
November 15th –December 3rd
|Formation of PECs
November 3rd-10th
Nomination period for candidates to the PECs from parties 15 days from the announcement of the formation of the PEC
Removing of candidates from party list no later than November 18th (in compelling cases, no later than December 2nd)
Election Day December 4th