GOLOS is surprised by the strange statement of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation regarding servers in the United States and the editing of video clips

09 февраля 2012 г.

GOLOS Association, which tracks compliance with the electoral rights of citizens, considers the statements by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICRF) on the editing of video clips featuring violations of December’s parliamentary elections an effort to lead Russian citizens astray.

“At any rate, these are strange statements which attempt to mislead people. Editing, in the understanding of many, is a falsification of the record. It is actually the case that we are talking about a person pausing a recording. The recording lasted for an hour or more. Of course there was a pause,” Deputy Executive Director of GOLOS Association Gregory Melkonyants stated Saturday.

Vladimir Markin, official spokesman for the ICRF, stated earlier that the majority of video clips posted on the internet documenting electoral violations during the December parliamentary elections were edited, and that they were distributed using an American server.

“The clips were posted on YouTube, an internationally recognized video hosting platform. Any person can log on and evaluate the degree of the “falsification” of these clips, which feature recordings of real polling stations, real commissions, and real observers. YouTube was not selected for the purpose of featuring these clips in the US, but for the purpose of making them available to the largest possible number of people," Melkonyants said to Interfax.

Furthermore, he said, if we are talking about videoclips shot prior to the election, these facts must certainly be investigated. “These clips were filmed for the purpose of provocation. They discredit all content that was shot by observers during the elections,” GOLOS’ Deputy Executive Director wen on to say.

If there are cases where law enforcement agencies attempt to pressure observers who film real violations, the Association will provide assistance," Melkonyants added.