Irkutsk rally “For Fair Elections” was attended by more than 500 people

09 февраля 2012 г.

Among the protesters were representatives of the Communist Party and Yabloko, as well as the following social movements: For Justice, Independent Action, Civil Irkutsk, and Public Association of Voters.

The participants came up with several slogans: “We oppose elections without elections;" “Correct my vote;" “Everything to the observers;" and «Ensure 100% turnout in the presidential elections.”

Nikolai Kuryanovich, member of the Central Council of the Slavic Union; Alexander Turik, president of the Council of the Nation’s socio-political organization “Russian;" Olga Nosenko, first secretary of the Communist Party’s City Committee; Gennady Kalinowski, second secretary of the Communist Party’s Irkutsk Regional Committee; Alexei Petrov, representative of Civil Irkutsk; and Timofei Kirichenko, member of the Baikal movement.

Accoding to news agency Teleinform, the organizers of the protest took an imaginative approach to staging the event: a funeral procession. A coffin bearing the inscription “Vova” was carried in front of the column. And on the cushion, instead of regalia, there was a copy of the Russian Constitution.

As reported by news agency Siberian News, more than 50 security officials were on hand to monitor the event.

There were no incidents during the “For Fair Elections” rally. However, the press service of the State Ministry of the Interior for the Irkutsk Region reported that three activists were arrested on 2 February 2012.

The For Fair Elections rally was organized by Civil Irkutsk, a public organization of enterprising people united by social networks.