News from the Communist Party, scandals from the ruling party

09 февраля 2012 г.

Presidential candidates are beginning the campaign period. Two days ago, residents of the Malinniki neighborhood found Communist Party campaign newspapers in their mailboxes. At the same time, United Russia party representatives began disseminating campaign newspapers in Kaluga.

The only difference is this: the campaign newspapers disseminated by the ruling party did not contain the words, “paid for by the campaign funds for presidential candidate Vladimir Putin.” This is regarded as a gross violation of the law.

On 8 February 2012, the domain “,” which belongs to Kaluga region’s United Russia branch, was hacked. While it formerly hosted the party’s main website, it has reverted to its old version. The domain has been paid for and is registered under the regional branch of United Russia until 1 April of this year, and may be released 1 May.

The hackers referred to themselves as Russian followers of the “Anonymous” group. They published a video entitled, “Anonymous to the Russian Leaders” on the hacked site.

The message from the hackers began as follows: “Welcome, corrupt officials and bloggers. We are Anonymous. We have been watching you for a long time.” In the video, Anonymous demanded an end to the contamination of free internet space and hinted at potential problems, recalling how they had hacked the mailboxes of federal officials and published correspondences discovered therein.

The presidential candidate for the Fair Russia party is not campaidning in the Kaluga region.