GOLOS, rather than the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, investigated “staged” election fraud

09 февраля 2012 г.

GOLOS Association of independent observers has investigated the allegations of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICRF) of the editing and dramatization of videoclips reporting irregularities during the Duma elections, the Association press office reports.

ICRF Chairman Alexander Bastrykin reported having viewed hundreds of defective clips. ICRF representative Vladimir Markin stated that all of the video clips documenting electoral violations were distributed from a single server in the US state of California, and that most of the clips were edited. He did not, however, specify which particular video clips were in question, except in the singular case of “polling station number 2943, located in Moscow in the Khoroshevo—Mnevniki region at lyceum number 7560.”

After GOLOS’ examination based on the testimony of all of the videos (issued by the server Yandex) on polling station number 2943, GOLOS experts have concluded that the ICRF has confused polling station number 2943 in the industiral region of Perm with polling station number 2943 in Moscow’s Mneviki Khoroshevo district. Observers suggest that this is the reason the ICRF found that “the room depicted in the video does not match the specified premises of the polling station, and that the persons present in the video are not members of the electoral commission.”

Due to this discovery, GOLOS questions the competence of the ICRF experts and offers its help in verifying the remaining clips with alleged defects at no cost.

The widespread reaction of the Russian internet community to the statements of the ICRF was puzzlement over the fact that only on the basis of special inspection have ICRF officials found that the YouTube servers used are located in the US.