GOLOS to sign an agreement

08 февраля 2012 г.

On Thursday, 9 February in Moscow GOLOS will sign an agreement “On the coordination of joint actions aimed at ensuring legitimacy in the elections of the President of the Russian Federation.” Representatives of election monitoring organizations, presidential candidates and representatives of their parties, civil initiatives, opposition members, and the members of the media will sign the agreement.

Representatives of NGOs, political parties, candidates, and the media will gather to sign the agreement on 9 February at 21:00 at the СОТВ television studio (located at 5 Donskoy Proezd, 15). The agreement will provide for the joint efforts of public watchdog groups and will ensure their mandates, the certifications of correspondents, and the adequate distribution of observers to polling stations.

This will result in the establishment of the All-Russian Coordination Council for Control of the Conduct of the Elecions, which will use all legal means to resist the use of administrative resources and violations of the electoral law.

The agreement is not expected to lead to a discussion of matters related to the political component of the election or to electoral strategy.

The following are considered to be the central objectives of the parties to the agreement:

• The formation of an effective body of public monitors, the training thereof, and the coordinated processing of the data they provide and the results of the vote;
• The coordination of the election monitoring activities of parties, NGOs, civic initiatives, and the media;
• The education of voters, including members of electoral commissions;
• The provision of legal assistance and protection from arbitrary government action during all stages of the campaign;
• The creation of the coordination council will be attended by representatives of all parties to the agreement and invited experts. Parties to the agreement will provide resources in support of its objectives, which are expected to be recorded in a separate protocol.

The agreement shall be open to the signatures of representatives of any parties, presidential campaign headquarters, civic initiatives, and media outlets that did not use administrative resources during the 2011 State Duma campaign.

Accreditation is required for members of the Media.

Contact: Mikhail Sneider: 8–985–764-1705, mshndcr@gmail.com