In Novosibirsk, another meeting was held by the Coalition for Compliance with Voter’s Rights

08 февраля 2012 г.

The Novosibirsk Coalition for Compliance with Voter’s Rights, an organization that advocates fair elections, forms a consolidated platform for voters by bringing together civil society activists and political party representatives. Its most recent organization meeting discussed the latest issues relating to the preparation of election observers for the 4 March elections.

At the beginning of the session, each participant expressed his or her views of the electoral campaign thus far, as well as his or her anticipated degree of involvement on Election Day. Those present at the meeting unanimously agreed: the coordination of the force and action of observers is crucial, so preparation of observers for the upcoming elections is imperative.

A public meeting was held yesterday on the progress of the campaign and about “the choice of Novosibirsk,” according to Galina Ivanova, executive direcot of GOLOS Siberia.

Nadezhda Lantsova demonstrated the distribution in Novosibirsk of highly circulated campaign literature. One of the local newspapers has already officially declared illegal the decision of Novosibirsk’s election commission.

At a meeting of active citizens and NGOs, all participants—while delivering their statements—spoke about the imperative role of the general public in the organization of fair elections and the ensurance of civil rights in courts, about the need for public monitoring ot the conduct of free and transparent elections, and about the training of observers. All reported on a large educational contribution of Novosibirsk’s branch of GOLOS, and on its undeniable merits in consolidating and coordinating social forces.

The result of this meeting was the formation of a joint plan of activities for participation in the 4 March 2012 elections.

We urge all concerned people to actively participate in observation of the elections!