We observe together!

29 февраля 2012 г.

GOLOS Association’s Address to the Media

Dear friends and colleagues,

For the first time in the past ten years, we are living and working in an atmosphere of unprecedented growth in Russian civic activism. On the eve of an important decision, people representing an array of regions, social classes, nationalities, and religions, are considering who among the presidential candidates to choose; which of the candidates to support in the regional and municipal elections.

For 12 years, GOLOS Association has worked toward the institution of independent monitoring of the Russian elections, in order to ensure observance of the rights of candidates and voters equally. On 4 March 2012, more than 2,000 journalists from the newspaper “Civic Voice” will work in polling stations in 44 regions throughout the Russian Federation.

There will be more than 95,000 polling stations in our country, and we will not be able to visit each of them. As media representatives, you have the right to be present at polling stations on Election Day, in accordance with Article 2: Paragraph 52 and Article 30: Paragraph 11 of the law “On the Fundamental Guarantees of Electoral Rights and Rights to Participate in Referendums of Citizens of the Russian Federation.” You can observe voting and counting, and you can obtain a certified copy of the protocol. You can learn the fundamentals of observation in literally half an hour, with the help of a module on our website listed under “Training” at the following address: http://golos.org/obuchenie. There, you can browse or download our references and methodological materials.

Come. The more people there are to observe the voting and counting, the higher the certainty that every citizen’s vote honestly counted.

See you at the polling stations,