Description of the service “SMS-CEC

29 февраля 2012 г.

GOLOS Association will be launching «SMS-CEC," a new service for observers of the 4 March presidential elections and their organizations. It will enable observers to efficiently report information from the polling stations immediately upon receipt of protocol data. SMS messages will be processed in real time, and the results will be available to voters before the CEC announces its preliminary findings. First, the «SMS-CEC» service will help to combat against the rewriting of protocols in the Territorial Election Commissions. Second, it will serve to implement a parallel summarization of results.

As soon as each polling station learns of the results of the vote, each observer that was accredited in advance with the service will send an SMS with information on the vote count to a special number. This way, the figures for each station will be known by all, even before PEC representatives deliver protocols to their TECs. But they still need to arrive, hand in their protocols, and submit them to the State Automated Services (SAS) Election system.

From 21:00 Moscow time, data obtained from the observers will be publically available online at the website, which will be updated in real time.

We propose that candidates, organizations, and projects sending commission members, observers, and media representatives to the polling stations should join the «SMS-CEC» service. Centralization is necessary in advance. Each group should accredit the phone numbers of its observers, receive a phone number to which SMS’ should be sent, and disseminate this information to the group. To ensure reliability of information, data submitted by non-accredited phone numbers will not be accepted.

The public monitors of GOLOS Association, the Citizen Observer project, and RosVybory will be accredited with SMS-CEC very soon.

For questions on cooperation, please write to: