The Map of Electoral Violations

02 марта 2012 г.

GOLOS Association invites you to report all known facts relating to violations of electoral law during the 4 March elections on its toll-free hotline.
Information can be passed along by calling this toll-free telephone number: 8 800 333 33 50, by sending an SMS to: 8 925 00 333 50, or by filling out the form on the website:

Photographs and video footage can be attached to the messages posted on the website. Violations are marked on the map, which allows them to be seen by geographic location. The map has already received more than 940 reports of possible violations associated with the 4 March elections.

The resulting reports will be published in open access so that members of the media, political parties, electoral commissions, and law enforcement agencies can efficiently verify information about violations and respond to them.

Thanks to the publication of specific facts, GOLOS promotes prevents and deters violations, and holds perpetrators accountable. Moderators will take every measure to verify the information received and to investigate these violations. Only every second message comes to the map. According to reports, 123 complaints and 25 signals have already been followed up with an official response.

Andrei Buzin, head election monitoring, said the following:

As usual, the Map of Electoral Violations featured a lot of messages about the campaign from state and municipal employees and managers, on some occasions reporting threats. Campaigning has occurred in events organized by third parties—in teacher meetings, in meetings with students with subordinates. There are complaints concerning the organization of the work of electoral commissions: the illegal formation of PECs, violations of the rights of members of electoral commissions (inadmissibility of documents, the refusal to allow a meeting of voters), the impossibility of obtaining absentee certificates, improper composition of lists of voters, total confusion with regard to voters that have temporary registrations, composition of lists for voting outside of the premises. The messages most commonly refer to absentee ballots: there are very many reports of the coerced receipt of absentee ballots. In some cases, authorities have offered to take these absentee ballots. Meanwhile, the phenomenon of the formation of “temporary sites” remains widespread in businesses; there were many complaints about the compulsion to vote at the work place. Audio recording # 1058 is especially eloquent. It features the director of a technical school requiring employees to take absentee ballots and to mark them with her. She explains that a PEC member will then check attendance based on these absentee ballots. There have also been reports of required confirmation of voting (surveys on completed ballots.)

The hotline provides a unique service for the accumulation of information from reports about violations, which is independent from electoral commissions, political parties, and the authorities. GOLOS Association has organized hotlines to collect information on electoral violations since 2003.

On 1 March at 12:00 noon, a press conference was held on «The second statement of GOLOS Association on the assessment of the electoral campaigns for the 4 March local, regional, and federal elections.»

The press conference will be held on the first floor Independent Press Center, which is located at 17/9 Prechistenka Ulitsa in Moscow. The closest metro station is Krolotkinskaya. Enter from Barykovskovo Pereulka, near the Leo Tolstoy Museum. Take the archway after passing entrance two. It will be on the left of the stairs.

Further information is available from GOLOS’ Olga Novosad, who can be reached by telephone: +7 909 638 33 05 or email: