GOLOS' Map of Electoral Violations received approximately 5,000 calls

05 марта 2012 г.

By 22:00 on the 4 March Election Day, the Map of Electoral Violations hotline had received about 5,000 calls. As of this moment, the website has received approximately 2,700 reports. Over the course of the day, approximately 1,500 reports have been moderated and published on the website.

According to Andrei Buzin, head of election monitoring for GOLOS, the number of complaints increased once counting began: “A lot of reports were received about the removal of observers before the start of counting. For example, removal occurred en masse in Kazan. We received reports of deans having called students who were working as observers and commission members with decisive voting rights, and requesting that they leave their polling stations.” Proper observer removal procedures were not followed and written decisions on these matters were not registered.

Data was received on Election Day from correspondents in 45 cities. GOLOS’ mobile brigade toured approximately 6,200 polling stations throughout the country. Their monitoring of the voting process has produced the following information: transportation of voters was reported in 6% of polling stations; group voting in 5%; the use of lists instead of registries for mobile voting in 8%; and concealment of mobile voting ballot boxes in 14%.

By 22:00 Moscow time, information on procedural compliance during the counting process had been received from 28 polling stations. The following violations were reported:

  • In 27% of polling stations, data from the books of voters were not disclosed
  • In 35% of polling stations, there were violations of the procedures for sorting ballots
  • In 27% of polling stations, ballots were counted from the back, and not by the method of transferring them individually
  • In 33% of polling stations, there was a delay in entering data into the general protocol
  • In 15% of polling stations, the stages of the count were not adhered to
  • In 22% of polling stations, completed general protocols were concealed from observers
  • In 32% of polling stations, a final meeting between commission members was not carried out
  • In 15% of polling stations, commissions failed to include the number of complaints received in the general protocol
  • In 15% of polling stations, representatives of the administration were present during the count

On 5 March at 12:00, GOLOS Association’s final press conference on the 4 March elections will be held at the Independent Press Center (17/9 Prechistenka Ulitsa in Moscow.) At the press conference, experts will discuss the information received on the counting process in 1,200 polling stations.