A Call for Candidates for the “Defender of Free Elections” Medal

19 марта 2012 г.

The fifth award ceremony for the “Defender of Free Elections” medal will take place in April 2012. This year, the board intends to present three medals for the parliamentary and presidential elections, and encourages concerned citizens to nominate candidates for the awards.

The “Defender of Free Elections” medal was established by several Russian NGOs and non-profit organizations in 2009. The award honors Russian citizens who have distinguished themselves in protecting the rights of voters in state and local elections within the Russian Federation, as well as in Russian referendums.

During the last period, awards were given to twelve Russian citizens. Among the recipients were election commission members, observers, and civil society activists who demonstrated adherence to the principle of protecting free elections at polling stations and in courts of law. A mandatory condition for receipt of the award is proof of these qualities by way of written or audiovisual evidence.

Proposals may be submitted by any Russian citizen, as well as by any legal person registered in accordance with Russian law.

A proposal for the award consists of:

  • Submission of the form;
  • Documentation (or copies thereof), confirming the events or activities that gave rise to the award proposal. Such documentation can include: reports, complaints, protocols, official orders, photographs, video footage, audio recordings, and other documents.

Proposals for award recipients can be submitted via email to golos@golos.org.