A revote to be held for Yaroslavl’s mayoral elections on 1 April 2012

01 апреля 2012 г.

GOLOS Association’s observation program

GOLOS is conducting long-term monitoring of the electoral campaign for Yaroslav’s mayoral elections
• On Election Day (1 April) short-term monitoring will be conducted by 60 Civil Voice correspondents, who will carry out news coverage of the elections in the polling stations, in compliance with the statutorily prescribed procedures
• On 1 April, a cooperative-information center will operate in Yaroslavl
• On 2 April, GOLOS will deliver a statement on the results of its Election Day observations at a press conference in Yaroslavl


• Yaroslav’s version of the Map of Electoral Violations will be used
• A parallel vote count will be conducted via SMS-CEC. Instructions for observers planning to use the service can be found here
• Reports of violations and requests for legal support via the hotline, which can be reached at 8 800 33–333–50

To help the observers

• Sample statements for TECs on refusal of admission to PECs, or on the removal of media representatives from polling stations can be found here
• In Yaroslavl there are 269 PECs and six TECs
• A map of Yaroslavl for mobile devices can be found here
• The Yaroslavl oblast law “On Elections to the Bodies of State Authority of the Yaroslavl Region and Bodies of Local Authorities of the Municipalities of the Yaroslavl Region” (as amended on 28 November 2011) can be found here.[MS Word]
• The observer handbook can be found here.
• The observer talisman can be found here.
• An interactive training module for observers and commission members can be accessed here.

Mayoral candidates

Evgeny Uralshov was nominated by Patriots of Russia. In the first round on 4 March, he received 40.25% of the vote.
Yakov Yakushev was nominated by United Russia. In the first round, he received 27.12% of the vote.

Monitoring teams

*Local observers
GOLOS Association branch: 60 people
Apple branch: 100 people
Candidate Uralshov
Candidate Yakushev

Visiting observers (coordination was carried out via a Facebook group)
Moscow observers (organized by Olga Feigina): 150 people
Prokhorov’s headquarters: 50 people
Citizen observers
Democratic choice: 50 people*

Map of PECs and TECs in Yaroslavl

Просмотреть УИК, ТИК в Ярославле на карте большего размера

You can view the PECs and TECs of Yaroslavl on a larger map here.

In monitoring the electoral process, GOLOS Association is primarily concerned with the following aspects:

• Compliance with the voting rights of citizens and electoral procedure;
• Activities of electoral commissions;
• Use of administrative resources during the electoral campaign;
• Provision of equal opportunities during the electoral campaign for candidates and political parties;
• Compliance with procedures for voting, counting, and announcement of election results.