Tax authorities inspect GOLOS Association

09 апреля 2012 г.

GOLOS Association Executive Director Lilia Shibanova told RIA Novosti that the tax authorities have audited GOLOS at unscheduled intervals for the past three years. The Russian Federal Tax Service (FTS) said all such monitoring activities are regular and unrelated to GOLOS’ socio-political activities.

Shibanova stated: «Four people came to our office. Two people for one audit (GOLOS, the NGO) and two for another (GOLOS, the foundation.) They presented us with a decision by Tax Inspectorate # 9, to which we belong, stating that we are being audited for the past three years.»

She further explained that the audit was unscheduled, and expressed the view that the actions of the tax authorities were connected with GOLOS’ activities. “They could simply have scheduled a routine audit,” she said.

She mentioned that GOLOS’ accounting department conducts itself very accurately.

GOLOS Association conducts election monitoring and operates the Map of Electoral Violations during the course of voting. In January, GOLOS began having problems with its rented office. The landlord (Literaturnaya Gazeta) demanded that the Association terminate its lease contract early. The lease had originally been scheduled to expire in August 2012. In February, GOLOS employees were forced to move to a temporary office.

Business news agency Prime has reported that the FTS’ monitoring activities are regular and unrelated to GOLOS’ activities. The department noted that the organization has been carrying out activities since 2006. “From the moment of its inception through to the present time, not a single audit has been conducted in this organization,” the official stated.

«On a permanent basis, FTS Russia performs monitoring activities for oversight audits of legal entities. Tax audits are conducted on 0.8% of all taxpayers each year. For comparison, the European Union averages 3.5%," an FTS representative said.

RIA Novosti