In Korkino, the opposition is accused of having connections with intelligence agencies and the US State Department

10 апреля 2012 г.

In Korkino district, a hunger strike is being staged in order to urge district head Gennady Usenko to resign and participate in a second round of municipal elections. The starving appealed to Chelyabinsk Oblast Governor Mikhail Yurevich in an open letter that listed all of the problems with the elections in Korkino and in the towns Roz and Pervomaisk.

Citizens demanded that the oblast authorities call for Gennady Usenko’s resignation. The letter provided a detailed listing of evidence of manipulation of budgetary funds and municipal property, identified during parliamentary and prosecutorial inspections. More than 5,000 district residents have already signed the appeal.

At the same time, the starving drew the governor’s attention to the fact that police officers in Korkino detained people with signature sheets, releasing them only after seizing and destroying their signature sheets. It is assumed that the police officers have been doing so at the comment of the district head.

In the meantime, Gennady Usenko accused hunger strikers of having connections with intelligence agencies and crime bosses, and has publically stated that their interests in the Korkino district conflict evidences the funding of opposition figures by the US State Department. An online video clip detailing the charges has been actively discussed both within Chelyabinsk oblast and beyond. The confrontation between the authorities and the people in the district perseveres.