Press Release # 4: The voting and counting processes on 17 June in Omsk

17 июня 2012 г.

Civic Voice, the publication established by GOLOS Association for the Protection of the Rights of Voters, has deployed 57 correspondents to monitor the early mayoral elections in Omsk. The correspondents will observe the voting and counting processes at polling stations, and the tabulation process at higher electoral commissions.

As of 22:00, Civic Voice correspondents had visited approximately 210 (46.8%) of the Precinct Election Commissions (PECs) in Omsk. Through joint efforts with the observers of partner organizations, there was coverage at 316 (70.5%) of the total 453 polling stations in Omsk.

Between 18:00 and the closing of PECs, Civic Voice correspondents observed the following violations:

In PEC # 12, observers faced difficulties in monitoring because they were prevented from moving freely.

In PEC # 339, campaign materials were present on premises. The mobile brigade was deployed to the station based on these facts.
The chairman of PEC # 175 initiated the start of counting voters on the lists half an hour prior to the closure of the polling station.

Already in the first hour after the polling stations closed, reports were received about the voting results from polling stations in the city.

After the PEC closures (20:00):

Violations have been reported regarding the stages of the counting process. Packages of ballots were not consistently sorted in front of observers in PECs # 70, 110, 180, and 209.

Web-cameras were non-operational in PECs # 89, 90, 51, 57, 81, 83, 46, 89, 55, 57, 210, and 224.

The enlarged copy of the protocol was missing from PEC # 15. It was recommended that a statement of the violation should be written up. Written complaints were not received by 22:00.

PEC # 70 did not hold its final meeting.

In PEC # 70, observers failed in their efforts to include their signatures on the packages of electoral documents.

The hotline (8 800 333 33–50), which has been operating throughout the day, received more than 200 reports. The information received by the hotline was verified. When necessary, direct visits were made to the polling stations at issue. The reported violations were verified during the course of the day. Afterward, representatives of the media, candidates, and voters were able to access the information on the Map of Electoral Violations website.

To receive information on the observations, please check out our website (, and look for GOLOS Association on Live Journal, Twitter (, Facebook (, and VKontakte.

After 20:00, the SMS-CEC service will begin its parallel summarization of the electoral results at Data has been received from 12% of the PECs.

Voter turnout was estimated to be 16.94%

Results of GOLOS Association’s monitoring of the Omsk elections will be summarized on 18 June 2012. A statement on the course of the elections will be distributed to representatives of the media at a joint press conference, which will be held at 12:00 in the conference hall on the third floor of the “Turist” hotel at 2 Broz Tito Ulitsa. The statement will be posted on GOLOS’ website as well, available at:

For additional information, please contact Andrei Akhramovich Anatolyevich, regional coordinator for GOLOS Omsk, at +7 913 961 35–83.