Press Release # 3: The continued observation of the voting process in Omsk

17 июня 2012 г.

Civic Voice, the publication established by GOLOS Association for the Protection of the Rights of Voters, has deployed 57 correspondents to monitor the early mayoral elections in Omsk. The correspondents will observe the voting and counting processes at polling stations, and the tabulation process at higher electoral commissions. During the day, observers will visit approximately 287 precinct electoral commissions (PECs), or 64.06%.

Civic Voice correspondents did not record instances of pressure on voters during polling hours and violations of ballot issuance procedures. Instances of the removal of correspondents from the polling stations were not observed.

GOLOS Association has been made aware of the following reported violations:

  • In PECs # 334 & 335, voters received SMS messages with suggestions to vote for one of the candidates. Observers filed complaints.
  • In PECs # 26 & 27, Civic Voice correspondents found campaign materials at 12:40. According to the correspondent, the commission handled the issue.
  • In PEC # 29, the web-camera was not working.
  • In PECs # 26 and 28, web-based observers reported witnessing certain voters bypassing queues and voting in several polling stations.
  • In PEC # 181, one correspondent reported a case in which voter lists were unbound.
  • In PECs # 95, 220, 218, 217, and 105, correspondents reported difficulties with observing the mobile ballot boxes, as they were located out of the correspondents’ line of sight. Violations relating to the locations of ballot issuance, ballot boxes, and voting booths were reported by eight correspondents in PECs # 435, 240, 220, 219, 218, 71, 216, and 215 (5.8%).
  • According to correspondents, one complaint was filed in PEC #328 by a voter whose name was absent from the voter lists.
  • In PEC # 114, observers were not warned 30 minutes prior to the departure of the mobile ballot box. Twenty ballots were brought for the stated 14 mobile voters. First the problem was noted orally, and then a complaint was filed.
  • Admission to PEC # 361 was made difficult when the staff refused to register representatives of the media without additional documentation. After the Territorial Electoral Commission (TEC) chairman intervened, the representatives were registered.

Although the Omsk oblast election commission website so far lacks voter turnout information, our correspondents claimed at 18:00 that the figures were greater than 15%. The website is available here: (

According to our partners, one of every four web-cameras was either non-operational or only intermittently operational.

Information on violations can be submitted to GOLOS by way of its hotline at 8 800 333 33–50, or can be posted on the Map of Electoral Violations site at

After 20:00, the SMS-CEC service will begin its parallel summarization of the electoral results at

Results of GOLOS Association’s monitoring of the Omsk elections will be summarized on 18 June 2012. A statement on the course of the elections will be distributed to representatives of the media at a joint press conference, which will be held at 12:00 in the conference hall on the third floor of the “Turist” hotel at 2 Broz Tito Ulitsa. The statement will be posted on GOLOS’ website as well, available at:

For additional information, please contact Andrei Akhramovich Anatolyevich, regional coordinator for GOLOS Omsk, at +7 913 961 35–83.