GOLOS: The Omsk elections were carried out in accordance with the law

18 июня 2012 г.

We conducted long-term observation in the lead up to Omsk’s early mayoral elections and short-term observation on Election Day (17 June). During the course of Election Day, 57 Civic Voice observers were deployed.

“GOLOS Association’s Statement on the Results of Monitoring Omsk’s Early Mayoral Elections on 17 June 2012” has been published and is available on our website

The high level of activity of observers and media representatives that arrived from different regions resulted in an extraordinarily high degree of public scrutiny, allowing for more comprehensive monitoring than is usually possible during local elections. The rights of observers and others entitled to be present in election commissions were respected almost entirely.

It should be noted that since the last mayoral elections, which were held two years ago, voter turnout has substantially decreased, from 40.43% to 16.94%. This is a 23.49% difference. The low turnout may be the result of a boring electoral campaign, a lack of interest, and may be connected to the recent public holiday period.

United Russia candidate Vyacheslav Dvorakovskiy won the election. According to the official data, Dvorakovskiy received 49.35% of the vote. Communist Party candidate Viktor Zharkov came in second with 28.97% of the vote.

Generally speaking, we have evaluated Omsk’s early mayoral elections as having been conducted in accordance with the law. Isolated violations that were identified did not affect the determination of the will of the voters.

GOLOS operated a federal hotline (8 800 333 33–50) in order to receive information on violations. Reports of violations were published on the Map of Electoral Violations website as well.265 calls were received in all. Most of these calls were requests for legal advice. Omsk’s Map of Electoral Violations published 36 reports of violations.

We firmly believe that the continued use of web-cameras in local and regional elections will increase transparency and boost confidence in voting results.

Please be reminded that our website features, «GOLOS Association’s Statement on the Results of Long-term Monitoring of the Elections for the Head of Krasnoyarsk and the Mayor of Omsk," available at: http://www.golos.org/asset/6096